Sales Representative - 4
Education – BBA / BBS
Requirement - 2 wheeler with valid license
  1. Sell telecommunications related products such as Internet, Intranet utilizing Fiber, VSAT, Wireless communications medium, MPLS (Multi-Protocol Label Switching) Product, TIMS (Threat Intelligence Management Security Service), PIS (Premium Internet Service) etc.
    • Identify new leads by conducting market research, and cold- calls.
      Note: Internet Leads include households and offices small and large; Intranet leads include corporate customers with branch offices; Domestic MPLS leads include corporate customers who want secured intranet service; International MPLS leads include multinational companies with offices located outside Nepal; TIMS leads include Finance companies who needs added security monitoring features ….;PIS leads include big business houses/ corporate customers who are will to pay extra for internet and requires secured internet service from the upstream/ bandwidth providers..
    • Reach out to leads and set up meetings.
    • Visit prospective customers.
    • Presentation / Demonstration if needed..
  2. Client Retention and Relationship Management
    • Address and resolve technical issues reported by existing clients in coordination with the network, system, implementation and NOC teams
    • Initiate and maintain professional relationships with customers and participate in quarterly meetings with corporate clients.
  3. Customer Account Management
    • Manage customer account by keeping up-to date record on the acquired customer in terms of their bandwidth usage, service start dates, agreement/ service commencement dates, expiry dates, customer contact detail, MRC and OTC values etc. Customer Database excel sheet format is forwarded to the customer by Operations Team.
    • Coordinate and follow up with the customers for timely payments if our payment collector is not able to collect the payments in time.
    • Coordinate and follow up with the technical team on implementation and installation of new circuits.
    • Coordinate and follow up with technical staff to ensure customers receive the best quality customer service.
  4. Agreement Management
    • Track agreement expiry dates.
    • Follow up on expiring agreements to ensure timely renewals.
    • Prepare new agreements.
    • Negotiate pricing/ bandwidth upgrades when preparing new or updated agreements.
    • The bandwidth charge and equipment price are controlled by Operations team involving (Operations Manager/ Assistant Operations Manager), hence, Sales team needs to coordinate with Operations team for price or bandwidth review. Standard agreement template will be provided to the sales team by Operations Manager.
  5. Customer Database Maintenance
    • Maintain the Master Telecommunications Customer Database.
    • Note: The database contains information such as customer names, Customer contact details, service type (VSAT, Radio, Fibre, MPLS, and TIMS etc.), bandwidth details, Monthly Recurring Charges, Service Commencement dates, Agreement Start and Expiry dates etc. The standard database format is provided to the sales team by Operations Manager.
  6. Achieve revenue target defined by Director- Telecom and Networking services.
  7. Proposal
    • Customize VSAT, Fiber, Wireless, TIMS, and MPLS proposals for prospective clients, based on their requirements, with the help of the Operations team.
    • Note: The proposal template is provided to the sales team by Operations Manager, Sales staff just need to change as per customer’s requirement under the supervision from Operations Team.
  8. VSAT User License Management
    • Collect the VSAT user license form from the customer and submit it to the Operations Officer for further processing.
    • Note: All VSAT customers need a VSAT user license (regulated by Nepal Telecom Authority (NTA)) and a Frequency License (from the Ministry of Information and Communication (MOIC)).
  9. Payment Collection
    • Assist the payment collector by following up with clients on payments.
  10. Reporting
    • Submit the Monthly Sales report to the Operations Manager.
    • Note: the report should contain the number of sales made and the number of terminations with MRC and OTC value secured or lost.
    • Submit Weekly Sales report to the Operations manager
      Note: The weekly sales report should contain customer visit report of that week, customer visit plan for next week, materialized sales report detail of that week, renewals made that week and weekly terminations of that week with MRC (Monthly Recurring Charge) and OTC (One Time Charge) details on materialize sales or renewals or terminations. The Visit report template is circulated to Sales team by Operations Manager for consistency in reporting.
  11. Market Research
    • Conduct market studies on competitors’ products and their marketing strategies.
Work Experience - minimum 1 year experience in an ISP

Interested eligible candidates are invited to send their applications and CVs to