About Mercantile

Mercantile has been at the forefront of the Internet evolution and is a cutting edge Internet service provider (ISP) in Nepal. Mercantile pioneered the concept of providing Internet Service in Nepal when the popularity of Internet was just beginning in the United States of America. Mercantile in fact has become the first company that led the nation in introducing new and appropriate information technology by giving individuals and small businesses the ability to use the Internet as a tool to make their lives more productive and their businesses more profitable. Mercantile is continually developing a new and innovative suite of services that make it a faster, easier and smarter Internet experience.

Mercantile Communication established in 1994, marking the debut of Internet Communication has emerged as the leading bandwidth provider for other Internet Service Providers in Nepal. It has also diversified into providing comprehensive range of excellent value added services for Internet such as Internet and Intranet applications development, content designing, development and hosting. Mercantile has combined a set of products and services that meet the immediate information technology needs of a small business: Internet access, basic and enhanced hosting services, Web design, Intranet applications, and most exciting to small business, E-Commerce tools.

Mercantile also has been providing consulting services for setting up Internet Services to companies not only in Nepal but also to neighboring countries such as Bhutan and Bangladesh.

With Mercantile Communication's unrivalled expertise and infrastructure support Mercantile Communication has become premier ISP in Nepal, providing the best technical support, and most reliable, effective, and appropriate technology. Mercantile has also pioneered in providing wireless communication in Nepal by introducing data communications through radio modems and VSAT technologies that quickly puts Internet access at the hands of the subscribers, regardless of their locations.


The company envisages being a leader in the field of Information Technology in Nepal by establishing a communication network across the country. We are leading provider amongst the whole nation, and is well known for the superior performance, reliability and cost effective products. Mercantile is an emerging leader in the world of fluid convergence between technology, communication and business. As one of the largest facilities-based broadband networks, Mercantile leads the way toward a New World of frictionless business with its unique and seamless combination of technology, applications and implementation.

Mission Statement

Mercantile is to carve a niche in the field of Information Technology in Nepal by introducing reliable, effective and appropriate technology with full technical support. Our main strategy is to combine best people, best equipment, and the best connection to create superior product.