Over the past two decades, technology has transformed communication making it more and more pervasive. Mercantile is proud to be the pioneer in bringing people closer by promoting communications between people effortlessly. We are continually developing a new and innovative suite of services that make it a faster, easier and smarter Internet experience. We take immense pleasure by being the first and bringing the communication revolution in the history of Nepal’s IT.

Mercantile Communications is a leading telecommunication service provider to emerging markets, offering solutions over satellite, fiber optic and wireless network systems. For reliable connections across multiple sites across Nepal, Mercantile VSAT Network provides a cost effective satellite broadband links over a wide geographical area. Using commercially available equipment and both Ku-band and C-band capacity on our wide fleet of satellites, we tailor the network to your needs through a variety of link architectures, including point-to-point links to fixed or portable stations as well as point-to-multipoint star or mesh configurations with multicast capability.

Mercantile VSAT Services and solutions

  • Point to Point Single Channel Per Carrier (SCPC) circuits
  • International Private Lease Circuit (IPLC) for corporate customers
  • Audio broadcast network for Radio broadcasting
  • IP Broadband Services
  • Video Up-link
  • Corporate VSAT network solution
  • Backup Solution
  • ATM/POS and Branchless banking
  • Multicasting Solution
  • SCADA/ Surveillance Network
  • GSM Backhaul
  • Hydro Power solutions


If you have any queries, please email us on vsat@mercantile.com.np