Hardware Services

  • AMC


Mercantile Communications’ AMC outlines regular checkups and routine work to regulate the performance and quality output. Backed with an experienced team of experts, we have been rendering unbeatable AMC Maintenance Services. Our objective is to give fast, efficient, and affordable services to customers by trained engineers.

Our AMC services include:

  • Network management service.
  • Full day stand by support service.
  • Half Day stand by support service
  • Hour basis support standby service.
  • On Call Support service.
  • Onsite and workshop repair calls
  • Support and maintenance of standard application software and operating systems.
  • Support and maintenance of every network & hardware peripherals/components.
  • Support and maintenance of e-mail/Internet
  • Regular Preventive Maintenance (Cleaning of PCs and printers etc) every four months.
  • Installation, re-allocation or movements of the EDP equipment.
  • Power management services.
  • Server, Hardware and application support services.


If you have any queries, please email us on hwadmin@mercantile.com.np